Important Dates


BAS – Quarterly

Apr – Jun 20XX Quarter           Due - 25 Aug 20XX      

 Jul – Sep 20XX Quarter           Due - 25 Nov 20XX

Oct – Dec 20XX Quarter          Due - 28 Feb 20XX            

Jan – Mar 20XX Quarter          Due - 26 May 20XX 

*Clients who use a Registered BAS Agent will receive an EXTRA MONTH

   on their BAS due date

BAS – Monthly

Due 21st of every month


Oct – Dec 20XX Super          Due - 28 Jan 20XX            

Jan – Mar 20XX Super          Due - 28 Apr 20XX            

Apr – Jun 20XX Super           Due - 28 Jul 20XX              

Jul – Sep 20XX Super            Due - 28 Oct 20XX          

Newcastle Bookkeeping Service

Other Key Dates relating to Employees

21 May 20XX          FBT Annual Return due

14 Jul 20XX             Annual Payment Summaries must be issued to employees

30 Sept 20XX         PAYG Withholding Payment Summary Annual Report due (if using a BAS Agent)

For more Key Lodgement & Payment Dates see ATO link below